Every day at college, we have advice handed to us: ‘You have to love dance to stick at it’, ‘You don’t have to love dancing every day of the week, it’s just a job, people have this ‘passion complex’ as dancers, that I don’t invest in’, ‘Show me your passion, that’s what people look for’,… Continue reading STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, LIVE


Not knowing my limitations has recently led to me spending the majority of my spare time lying on my back in ‘constructive rest’, staring at the ceiling wondering how long I can expect to feel like this and when I can get back to dancing properly without the delayed pain that often doesn’t set in… Continue reading MY BACK-STORY


When I first started at Northern, I was aware of how creative, individual and unusual contemporary dance could be, but I have to say that sometimes I didn’t really get it all. I came from a dance background where everything was focussed around ISTD ballet, modern and tap, technique, technique, technique an performace quality. It… Continue reading AN EXISTENTIAL EXPERIENCE