•  Never let self-doubt rule you.
    You are talented, you are creative, you are here for a reason, and if you work hard you will be great. Self confidence is half the battle, and if you’re not feeling it, follow your own advice and fake it unitl you make it, it’s got you this far.
  • Don’t compare yourself too much.
    You are your own person, you will grow and improve at your own pace, to become your own artist. Learn and take things from other people, but don’t try to become them, you are your own.
  • Don’t spend too much time looking in the mirror.
    You didn’t fall in love with dancing for the way you look, your face, hair, or figure. You fell in love with the way it feels to move to the music and the way you can both let go and feel everything at the same time, the rush you get on stage, the tingling of pride in your stomach, and don’t you ever forget that.
  • There will be blood,
    sweat and tears on a daily basis, you will hobble home with sore muscles, blisters and burns, still sticky with sweat from your eighth technique class of the week, maybe tired, maybe happy, maybe feeling low. This is what you signed up for, this is what it takes to learn your craft and to be able to achieve the moments you crave.
  • Take every single opportunity available to you.
    Obviously don’t take this too far that you become exhausted, but use what you have around you, the more you do, the more you will grow. And make your own opportunities, be creative, be part of a creation, get used to saying yes and you will make all sorts of connections.
  • Listen to everything.
    Every correction, even if it’s not directed at you, could make you a better technician. Every word of wisdom, from every teacher, choreographer, tutor or student could help you out one day, so don’t let it pass you by.
  • Don’t get too distracted.
    You worked so hard to get here, now you have to use it. Sure make as many friends as possible, go out often, escape, have the time of your life, you really do deserve it. But please don’t get lost in it, you are here for a reason, to learn to be the best dancer, the best artist you can be.
  • Take the set-backs with a smile.
    You may get injured, ill or any number of bad things could happen. This is not something new, you have dealt with setbacks before, just know that they happen for a reason, you wouldn’t be here without a few. Use them. Allow them to make you stronger, allow yourself to learn from mistakes and situations beyond your control alike, they will make you a better person and a better dancer. You may even be thankful for them one day.
  • Don’t ever get comfortable.
    Never stop working hard, making every day, every class, every exercise, every step count. One day you will be out there in the big scary industry that you dream of being a part of, and you will think back to your time at college, don’t let the memory contain regret that you didn’t use it, that you didn’t make it count. Work, work and keep on working, you are beginning as an underdog, so believe me you will need to, but don’t become comfortable, forever strive for more, for the illusive perfection.
  • Never forget why you love to dance.
    The side-of-stage butterflies, the lights, the last big breath before you walk out through the wings.
    The pounding music in your ears, the feeling of the air whipping around as you glide around the room, the intake of breath as you land the extra pirouette or land the perfect jump you never thought you could.
    The moments of complete exhaustion where you power through, the moments of joy where you achieve a movement that was once such a distant dream.
    This is why you dance, and this is why you can never stop dancing.

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