So last week I got the news that I have been dreaming of receiving all year, since the start of audition season, which for me lasted 6 long, stressful months.

I have officially been accepted on the degree programme at NSCD, my dream school!

I still can’t believe that I’m going to go to the place I’ve imagined myself at for so long- every day for three whole years. It’s an absolute dream come true.

I guess determination really is a major part of getting to where you want and passion always wins through in the end.

I had always loved contemporary, but had never really had much opportunity to train in it, despite my strong training in the more traditional modern and ballet syllabi. So when my teacher suggested in January that I audition for NSCD, and I found out that their last audition date was in April, I thought I had no chance at all.

I can honestly say that I have never been so focussed and worked so hard for anything else in my life as I did in the run up to April. I trained intensely in one on one sessions with a great contemporary dance teacher who I really looked up to. She helped me with my solo choreography, technique, confidence, psyching myself up, knowledge of choreographers and companies and techniques and music. I could genuinely not have done it without her coaching, I think I would have been cut at the first round at my audition.

As it was I had the most incredible audition day. I was so focussed and psyched up, I was totally in my zone. I had this amazing feeling about the whole thing, the place, the atmosphere. I was confident and relaxed and everything just seemed to be going my way… I got the best view of the teacher at the barre, I stood in the centre of the room in the centre practice, I asked questions politely when I didn’t understand, I didn’t rush, but took my time as we travelled across the floor, taking up all the space I could, the release technique we focussed on was perfect for my limited technical knowledge, and I ended up right in front of the panel in improv class. And when my solo music went wrong, I didn’t even allow it to phase me, I just re-centred myself and started again, when my tights stuck to the floor, I worked with it and worked through the movement, and when I finished, the boy in charge of the music said I did awesome, and he genuinely seemed to mean it too. Very surprisingly, I wasn’t at all nervous in the long wait for the shortlists to be announced, which really helped me to prepare myself mentally for the next stage of the audition, and I absolutely couldn’t believe my luck when I made the final shortlist.

So when two weeks later I learned that I hadn’t got a place, but was on the reserve list I was disappointed. But I didn’t feel the same level of devastation as when I had been rejected by another college. I felt I had learnt so much and grown so much as a person and a dancer throughout the whole process and decided that contemporary was the genre for me, I couldn’t actually bring myself to feel resentful, just exhausted.

As this had been my last audition, I accepted a place in London and decided to focus on my A Levels. Although I couldn’t stop thinking about NSCD, contemporary and all the amazing experiences I had had. Whilst my parents were preparing for me to leave home and urging me to make plans for accommodation and the like, I was still dreaming of contemporary. With the support of my teachers, I learnt to be pushy and contacted the school several times, telling them how much I loved the audition and the course and how much I wanted to be there. Eventually it paid off, and here I am today with a place.

I genuinely can’t believe what a year it’s been, I’ve come so far and learnt so much and completely changed my life. Now it’s time to enjoy summer and look forward to what September will bring for me.

I’m going to continue believing that determination really is a major part of getting to where you want and passion always wins through in the end. I can’t wait for new challenges and experiences.


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